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KLARMOND offers a unique approach to training horses. We train you to be the trainer of your own horse, thus eliminating the “middle man”. Safety for you and your horse are always the first consideration. Being the first human to ever sit on a horse’s back is a profound experience, and certainly one that you will never forget. It can be a very empowering experience for both the horse and the rider/owner. You will know everything that has been trained into your horse, because you will be the one doing the training. Horses learn quickly when they are relaxed and happy, and can move forward quickly with just one or two rides a week. We also can supplement your horse’s progress with extra rides for $30/ride if you desire.

We also do all of the initial basic training if you would prefer. You will receive reports on how your horse is progressing and what they are learning. We use treeless saddles and side-pulls for the horse’s introduction to riding, to ensure saddle fit and acceptance of the aids. We will start your horse Western or English, whichever you prefer. Your horse will be started with a loose rein and will be treated as a partner with freedom to express his opinion about his training.

Training techniques are based on the teachings of Harry Whitney ( along with many other natural horsemanship sources. Harry is now giving clinics at Klarmond in mid to late December. We are looking forward to this year’s clinic in December¬† 2013. For more information on the clinic, visit Ty Haas’s website at www. There are a few participant spots available, and auditors are always welcome.