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Nan, The horses are so beautiful in nature, and their riders are so delighted to be on them. Lovely to see. Thank you for the opportunity to experience it. See you tomorrow am. kim

Thank you so much Nan for today’s lesson! I physically (& holistically) felt so at home with & on Starbuck today ;). I just love him & I did practice all the circles iwth the changes even for 6 meters;). Annie

Vickie wrote: “Thanks Nan Funkhouser for a great Sunday! Riding lesson was just what I needed! It is amazing the difference it makes when I know the details. Your guide book is invaluable! When you have it completed…I want one! Circles will never look the same to me again! :D”

Nan, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you helping to make
this weekend possible. I know how much extra work this is for you.
You already have such a busy schedule with out adding in something
like this. I have never meet someone who goes out of there way to
accommodate so many people. You have truly enriched my life and
touched my soul. I value your friendship and guidance. You run an
excellent program and I feel like I have a second family at your barn.
Thank you for letting me be a part of it. I am really excited about
the weekend. Horses and good friends, what more could a person want.
See you out there! Yeha! T

I have personally witnessed the amazing magic Nan Funkhouser can work with these newbie teams! If you want to learn to train your own horse this is the place to go.

My daughter boards and trains here and can not say enough great things about Nan and her abilites. She trains and teaches in the most humane way possible. My daughter went from a scared and untrained rider to confident and winning high point young rider with Nan’s teaching and training. Love this woman!