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At Klarmond Farm, we care for your horse as if it were our own. Check out the services we have to offer!

Treeless Saddles

At Klarmond we use treeless saddles exclusively! Saddle fit is never a problem with treeless saddles, and they offer the ability to feel the horse’s back for a bareback feel. Signals are felt immediately by the horse, allowing for a feeling of clarity and intimacy. A balanced and effective seat is easy to obtain when you go treeless. Nan is a field representative for Ansur Saddles, the premier company for treeless saddles. Visit their web site at to view the many models available.

Natural Trim

The Natural Trim is available at Klarmond Farm. For horse owners desiring that their horse go barefoot, the Natural Barefoot Trim is a wonderful answer. Following the teachings of Pete Ramey, the foot is trimmed according to the model that wild horses offer, with the mustang roll on the toe and mild bevels all around the hoof. For rocky conditions, hoof boots are recommended to offer any protection needed.

For horse owners wanting shoes on their horse, Brian Barrett is our resident farrier and visits the barn every 8 weeks.