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School Horses

Palastherr-  19 Year Old 16.2 Imported Trakehner

Palastherr is a phenomenal mover- Heather Blitz claims that “he has a hind end to die for”. He loves eventing and has schooled the prelim jumps at Longview Horse Park with great joy for his amateur rider Tara Congden. Pala is easy to ride and always wants to please. He is a super fun eventer to at least prelim level if not further. He has also been trained to 4th level dressage, and his flying changes are smooth and balanced. He was imported from Germany and is by the 2011 Trakehner Stallion of the Year E.H. Munchausen. Münchhausen has long been the father of many descendants, including many winners and state premium mares and successful in sport horses. Munchausen is a father of seven stallions and has left its mark already evident in the Trakehner Warmblood breeding. In addition, Munchausen is also recognized in other breeding associations such as in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Rhineland and Westphalia. In the FN breeding value table Munchausen has the highest dressage index nationwide. His descendants are characterized by their elegant and sporty appearance, their good character and quality of movement. All this is Munchausen passes on to his children and grandchildren. Reason enough for the Trakehner Association, the Hohenstein-son with the title Trakehner Stallion of the Year at the 49th Trakehner stallion market in 2011 to honor.

Pala is honest, forward, and a brilliant and exciting performer. He is 100% sound and is willing to do whatever is asked of him. He has been ridden by a 10 year old.

Prelim Jump at Longview

I Love This!



Getting a Bend!

Pala Schooling at Longview Horse Park