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Riding & Lessons

Riding-Riding and lessons are the main activity at Klarmond. If you don’t have a horse of your own, we  have wonderful school horses available to learn on, from beginning lessons to advanced riding. Sizes of horses range from 12.3 to 17.1 at varying levels of training. Everyone falls in love with Sunshine and Starbuck, the confidence-builders! You may choose from Dressage, Stadium Jumping, Cross Country- Eventing, Trail Riding, Cowboy Dressage, or all of the above! Whether you desire to compete and show, or simply learn how to enjoy being with horses, we will help you enjoy the path to your goal. Attendance at  shows and events of your choice are also available.

Lessons– We offer lessons in training horses from the very start. We have untrained horses available for people who don’t own their own horse. Natural horsemanship methods are used, specifically lessons learned from Harry Whitney ( Starting with ground work, principles of clear communication are learned to help you help your horse at a deep level. The most satisfying relationship with a horse is achieved by establishing a true conversation where the horse is allowed to express his opinion. One of the biggest advantages of starting your own horse is knowing everything the horse has been taught, and not having to break old habits or solve training problems from a previous owner. Lessons in Dressage, Cowboy Dressage, Trail Riding, Stadium Jumping, and Cross Country are offered at Klarmond Farm. Nan is a Recommended Cowboy Dressage Judge, and was honored to judge at the Cowboy Dressage World Finals 2014 Show in Murietta, California. “Soft Feel” is exclusively taught and practiced at Klarmond Farm!

Hour lessons are $65.

45 minute lessons are $50.

Half hour lessons are $35.

Nan & Kota
Nan, Nicole and May in the round pen.
Getting a Bend!

Nan’s Riding Background– teachers include Bev Chester, Becky Douglas (now Becky Holder), Jana Wagner, Joy Casody, and Heather Blitz. She has shown Hunter-Jumper, Dressage, and received her colors from the Fort Leavenworth Hunt. Nan has raised and trained fine Trakehner horses for 20 years. Her main “horse sense” coach has been Harry Whitney for the past 15 years. Nan began riding in earnest at the age of 24 with Bev Chester (Showjumping Chair of US Pony Club) at the old Somerset Stables in Olathe, KS, where she rode and competed in Hunter-Jumper for 10 years. When Dressage got her attention, she started riding with Jana Wagner regularly and had Jana show her Trakehner mare Fricka successfully for 3 years. Nan has hosted many Heather Blitz ( dressage clinics at her farm. Nan’s last instructor was Joy Casody, who trained her own horse Kouros to Grand Prix, and was responsible for introducing Nan to Harry Whitney.

Another highly influential instructor of Nan’s is Becky Douglas, now Becky Holder ( Becky was a fabulous instructor at a young age, and helped Nan greatly with her jumping skills, especially while Nan was an active member of the Fort Leavenworth Hunt.


Harry Riding Yet Another Transformed Horse

Harry Whitney– perhaps the most influential teacher for Nan has been Harry Whitney. Nan searched for years to find a feeling of closeness and deep communication with horses, and finally found answers to her questions when she started working with Harry Whitney 15 years ago. Harry’s insight with horses is incredible, and he has given Nan many thoughts to build her own life around with horses and their owners. She has had several 9 year old students start horses, giving them the thrill of being the first one to sit on a horse’s back. She has also helped many others of all ages and ranges of ability and experience learn to introduce horses to being ridden safely.

Nan’s latest endeavor is Cowboy Dressage, as invented and taught by Eitan Beth-Halachmy. Go to to check out this new and exciting sport! Nan has attended many clinics hosted by Eitan and his wife Debbie, and was honored to be chosen by Eitan as a Cowboy Dressage Recommended Judge in 2013.  Cowboy Dressage promotes “Soft Feel” as a way of life with your horse, by asking the horse to do something instead of telling him to do it. Your horse will love you for it!



Eitan and Debbie Beth-Halachmy

Even the youngest get to trail ride here!

Young Rider’s Club– Klarmond now has a young child’s program available for children as young as 5, taught by Elyse Titus. Safety with horses is taught first and foremost by learning about the nature of horses as fright-flight animals, and the emergency dismount and the emergency one-rein stop. Lessons follow the guidelines of the United States Pony Club manual for learning about all aspects of being with horses, including their care, stable management, proper equipment, and riding techniques.

Hour lessons are $65.

45 minute lessons are $50.

Half hour lessons are $35.

Elyse Titus and Sophie Divney– Elyse and Sophie teach the Young Rider Program at Klarmond Farm. Go to their page for more information!

I Love This Horse!

 I Love This Horse! Good ‘Ole Sunshine!


 Elyse on Reata

Trail Riding- Many opportunities for trail riding abound at Klarmond. We are located next to Douglas County State Lake and 135 acres next door, with beautiful trails that range from easy to difficult. Trail riding is an important part of your horse’s training, as it helps them relax in new situations and offers a break from arena work, not to mention how much fun it is for both horse and rider! We do not rent horses to the public, but offer lessons in trail safety and provide opportunities for supervised trail riding on our horses or yours.


Breeding: Nan and her husband Jim have raised and shown high-quality Trakehner horses for 20 years. The great German imported stallion Polarmond stood at Klarmond for 10 years, siring many beautiful foals from top quality Trakehner mares.The Welsh Section A stallion Dandardell’s Davin presently stands at stud at Klarmond Farm.