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Reiner Klimke–    Many YouTube videos: Klimke and Ahlerich Victory Lap-1984 Olympics   2 sets of training videos available- Complete Dressage Training Series and Dressage in Detail  Books: Cavaletti, Training of the Young Horse (

Reiner Klimke is the most successful Olympian in the history of Dresssage, with 20 Gold Medals in World Championships. His gentle training techniques and the relationships he had with his horses is evident in his videos and books.

Stacy Westfall–   YouTube video: Stacy Westfall 2006 Championship Ride

This ride, done with no tack of any kind, is truly inspiring and shows the depth of relationship possible with a horse when free will choice is offered.


Sally Swift–  riding manual:  Centered Riding

Sally Swift is a leading authority on balance and how to find it sitting on horseback. This is a book written very well for all ages and levels of riders, with clear pictures and explanations.


USDF Dressage Tests-       

Western Dressage-




Treeless saddles offer the perfect fit for nearly every horse at any stage of their training. Going treeless also offers the rider better balance and technique, with the opportunity for much closer communication with their seat as the primary aid.


Tack of the Day

Dover Saddlery 

C&M Tack 17100 West 53rd Street  Shawnee, KS 66217  (913) 631-4677  Open Mon-Sat 10:30am-5pm

Schneider’         Great source for Sidepulls.



Harry Whitney– American “horse psychologist”. His program is entitled “From the Horse’s Point of View”

“Time and time again, riders hire trainers for their horses and come to depend on being told what to do without developing an understanding of how to do it themselves. Harry likes to say he is in the ‘awareness’ business. He is here to teach you how to see what he sees in a horse so you can leave his clinics with a clear understanding of how to develop your relationship with your horse. Harry is particular, for your sake and the sake of the horse. In order to be clear, a person needs to be precise. In order to be precise, you have to understand what you are teaching your horse and why.” 

Roy Rogers YouTube video- “Don’t Fence Me In” from Hollywood Canteen

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling– German   Many youtube videos, and books and videos available.

Monty Roberts– Online University available, books available

Horse Conscious–  Newsletter available

Gawani Pony


NATURAL TRIM–      Pete Ramey             Video and book available at

The Barefoot Trim is available at Klarmond. We do not recommend shoes except in cases of horses needing supportive therapy. Instead, we suggest hoof boots for tender-footed horses or for extremely rocky footing.


FEED   Progressive Nutrition