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How Low Can Your Horse Go?

December 2012 - June 2013 250 That’s Kristen behind Tomtom getting him to practically stand on his head! Even Trigger didn’t bow this low! Kristen is a 14 year old horse trainer who has infinite love and patience with horses, especially her Tomtom!

Another Horse Has Her First Ride!

Proud owner Melissa Rinke rode her beautiful two-year-old Sophia yesterday for the first time! Sophia was a totally wild horse just two months ago. Melissa has done a terrific job with groundwork and helping Sofia understand that humans can be wonderful to be with. Melissa and Sophia are moving to colorful Colorado the first of August, and it looks like they will be firm riding partners- w

First Ride

First Ride

hat a great feeling!!!

The First Week with Harry

Harry outdid himself this week! I have attended Harry Whitney clinics for at least 15 years, and am always excited to see how much everyone and every horse changes in 5 short days, but this week tops all that I have seen. Detailed explanations of how to direct your horse’s attention somewhere, how the hands make the bit in the horse’s mouth work his body, to getting to feel what the leg signals actually are for walk on, back up, right, left, move over- INCREDIBLE WEEK!!!! Congratulations to all riders and their beautiful horses for so much progress and a happy happy time!!!