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How Low Can Your Horse Go?

That's Kristen behind Tomtom getting him to practically stand on his head! Even Trigger didn't bow this low! Kristen is a 14 year old horse trainer who has infinite love and patience with horses, especially her Tomtom! … [Read more]

Another Horse Has Her First Ride!

Proud owner Melissa Rinke rode her beautiful two-year-old Sophia yesterday for the first time! Sophia was a totally wild horse just two months ago. Melissa has done a terrific job with groundwork and helping Sofia understand that humans can be … [Read more]

The First Week with Harry

Harry outdid himself this week! I have attended Harry Whitney clinics for at least 15 years, and am always excited to see how much everyone and every horse changes in 5 short days, but this week tops all that I have seen. Detailed explanations of how … [Read more]